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I came to UK with my three children as dependants of my husband who was a UK resident. My marriage fell apart after two years and my husband abandoned my children and I. I went from one lawyer to another looking for help and they made several applications to Home Office without any success. My life was hell on earth. But I met a friend who advised me to seek the services of Rehoboth Law and I did. Their principal submitted a fresh application on my behalf. Few months after, my children and I were granted residence permits to remain in the UK. Our lives changed for good, my child who was 18 years old could go back to school, I can now work and look after my family. I will recommend Rehoboth Law to anybody. Just follow their advice because they will tell you the truth and the law as it stands now.....

AR - Birmingham

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I have known Rehoboth Law since 2012. I am a point-based applicant. Rehoboth Law successfully applied on my behalf for indefinite leave to remain. I am now settled in the UK. More importantly, my wife and 5 children have joined me in the UK, thanks to Rehoboth Law. They are simply good!!!

Oge - London

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I came to UK as a fiancee of my husband who is a British citizen. We got married within 6 months and I applied for a spouse visa which was refused. I was already planning to return to Trinidad until I found Rehoboth Law on the OISC website. They appealed the decision of the Home Office. We went to court in January 2015 and to my greatest joy we won! I am even pregnant at the moment.

Flo Nottingham

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They a nut crackers. They changed my life forever. They make complicated cases look simple.

RA London

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They offer very high quality services and advice. I think they are one of the best...

Fais - Chesham


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I am lucky to have found them, at last. Before I was introduced to Rehoboth Law, I was in wrong hands. Rehoboth Law turned the tide to my favour. I am now a happy person, not afraid of the sirens anymore. 


RO London

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The help I received from Daniel in Rehoboth Law was perfect. He advised me and went through the process of applying for a ILR visa with absolutely no issues and nothing negative to say. He was always friendly and helpful.


Thanks to you I have now received my ILR.


Thank you so much!


Dewight Aumaitre


August 2016

I would rank your service as more than excellent; hence, I will recommend your esteemed company (Rehoboth Law) to my friends. 

Thank you very much. 



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August 2016

Well I would have to rate it a 10 as my gf is over here with me! So I cannot say anything bad about the services received from Rehoboth Law, you gave me sufficient information and now she is here :) thank you.

Danny Smith


September 2016


Hi All,


I really satisfied with your service. From 1-10 I like to rate 10 for your best service. I really happy with all the service, especially when you advised us not to pay for Premium Service.


10 star for REHOBOTH LAW